Today is the day where you can't take anything people say remotely seriously. Unless that person is a radio DJ, in which case you should take seriously absolutely everything they say. Honest. Really. You should trust them. But we're not sure if this one is a prank or not.

The problem with this ad is that it is on Etsy. And as we all know from the wonderful blog Regretsy, which is not work safe, weird things are posted there all the time. So we're not entirely sure this ad for Cat Ghost Adoptions isn't know what we mean, not a prank.

A most unique gift for someone or yourself if you have a love for cats. In this unusual adoption agency I offer "spirit" cats. They roam on the astral plane and would love to have someone adopt them so they can have a home again. Adoption document with official seal, meditation, directions and welcoming prayer are included as well as the details of the cat spirit. All you have to do is believe and open your heart and senses. Results can astound you. >^..^<

It will set you back $5 to adopt a Cat Ghost. Unless you're overseas: that'll be $3 shipping as well.