Peter Dragos, a native of Detroit, Michigan, gets a lot of strange looks from carnival barkers when he walks down the midway. That's because he's a natural at carnival games. In fact, he regularly has to bring plastic bags and shopping carts with him to carry home all of the stuffed toys and trinkets he wins.

He's so good at "Bottle Ring Toss" and the "Milk Jug Topple" that several carnivals and amusement parks have put restrictions on how many prizes their customers can win, according to CBS News.

Dragos has been a dedicated player since he was 9. Even then, he was so good at the games that he won enough stuffed toys for every kid at his school. A legendary trip to Circus Circus in Las Vegas netted him so many prizes that he couldn't stay in his hotel room, because there wasn't enough room to sleep in it.

To this day, he still takes home enough prizes to fill his storage facility with toys and stuffed animals. What does he do with everything that won't fit? He it all away to various children's charities. Dragos estimated that he's given away a quarter of a million toys — guess he's a winner in more ways than one.