Every year, Disney World hosts the month-long 'Star Wars' weekend. This year, beginning May 18th, in quite possibly the coolest use for 3-D printer technology ever, Disney’s Hollywood Studios are introducing the "Carbon Freeze-Me." Yes, you can finally create a Carbonite version of yourself just like Han Solo in 'Return of the Jedi.'

For millions of 'Star Wars' fans, it's the ultimate in nerd-dom to have ones's image immortalized in carbonite (but without the hibernation sickness). For $99.95, visitors to Hollywood Studios can step into a "carbon freezing chamber," where multiple cameras will be used to scan the guest's face in 3D. That scan will be used to create an 8-inch figurine of the famous carbon freeze pose, with the guest’s face instead of Han Solo's. The figure will then be shipped to the guest in about 4 weeks.

A light-up wristband is also included in the package, and every additional replica you order costs $74.95 each. Needless to say, hordes of fanboys (and girls) are sure to take advantage of this awesome opportunity, but note that you still need to pay the Disney World entry fee to get in. So if you have the money, practice your best Han Solo facial expression and get ready!

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