As you probably know, using all caps is the rough equivalent of screaming at somebody. Thanks to the Twitter account @CapsCop the Twittersphere may soon be getting a little quieter.

@CapsCop is the brainchild of computer programmer Nate Fanaro. The automated robot account finds folks who have sent out all-cap tweets and then gently admonishes them with a sarcastic response. “Give lowercase a chance” and “On Twitter, no one can hear you scream” are among the bot's snarky replies.

Fanaro has received some pretty angry responses from those @CapsCop has insulted. But he says he doesn't really take @CapsCop "too seriously" and even concedes he occasionally indulges in caps-locked tweets.

What do you think? Can you get behind this cyber RoboCop's mission to rid Twitter of all-caps? Or should the social networking site be a place where everybody is free to shout?