The nation of Canada introduced a new bill made out of plastic that will one day replace all of their paper currency.

The polymer plastic notes will start with the implementation of the new $100 bill followed by the $50 bill next March and $5 and $10 bills by the end of 2013.

The Bank of Canada says the new bills will make it much harder for counterfeiters to duplicate compared to their traditional paper notes. The new bills also have raised lettering, a "transparent window" and hidden numbers that can only been seen up close through a light source.

Does this mean America could one day follow suit? The story doesn't mention how much it costs to print the new notes, but it could bring us one step closer to achieving the cool future we all thought we would be living in by now (not counting the fact we still don't have flying cars).

The Bank of Canada released an official video introducing the new note and explaining its counterfeit fighting features.

[via Neatorama]

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