A good reporter does what it takes to get the story, no matter what. By that measure, Cody Bloomsburg of The Lewiston Tribune in Lewiston, ID is a great reporter.

The intrepid Bloomsburg willingly allowed Lewiston police to both taser him and blast him in the face with pepper spray all in the name of... well, that's unclear. Seems like we all already know that tasers and pepper spray really hurt, even if we haven't experienced the pain firsthand.

But just in case you're unclear, Bloomsburg assures us all that being tasered is, in his own colorful words, "like being raped by an electric gorilla."  (We'll take your word for it, Cody.) Check out the video below, featuring some possibly NSFW-language. Bloomsburg claims he didn't curse while getting shocked, but we aren't so sure. Let us know, will ya?

[via the Lewiston Tribune]