Chalk one up for the good guys! In Ocala, FL., a fearless mother forcibly wrestled an armed gunman to the ground and detained him until authorities arrived at the scene, according to MSNBC.

The incident began when 25-year-old John Meekin attempted to rob 55-year-old Warren Kinsella at gunpoint at an ATM. Kinsella refused and Meekin fled the scene on a bike.

The poorly-prepared robber's bad luck didn't end there, however. Eventually, he encountered 46-year-old Kim Weaver and offered money in exchange for an alibi. But Weaver had a better idea and tackled the suspect. With the help of several others, Weaver held the would-be thief until deputies arrived.

Watch Weaver and Kinsella tell their heroic story below:

[via MSNBC]