This preteen is getting a rather strange jump on a career as a car thief.

Police arrested an 11-year-old boy in Dodge Center, Minn., for stealing a cement truck and then taking a one-hour high-speed joyride through several towns Sunday while cops tried to catch him.

The boy, who went up to 70 miles per hour, crashed into two police cars during the chase and managed to keep going even after running over stop sticks authorities put down.

The chase finally came to an end about an hour after cops started pursuing the boy when he stopped on a dead-end street. He attempted to run away, but officers apprehended him.

Witnesses captured the crazy scene on camera asthe truck whizzed through various areas. “It was like a parade. Everybody was outside with their cameras and their phones,” one person said.

Another person said, "“I betcha he drove around town six or seven different times. He was smiling, hooting and hollering...he was having a good time.”

It's unclear what charges the boy will face.

It's also unclear how the boy got the truck in the first place, although it's believed he swiped it from a construction site.