He may be sick, but one boy is still looking out for his family.

A 9-year-old boy from New Haven, Conn., battling leukemia had the Make-A-Wish Foundation honor his request when it supplied his family's apartment with furniture.

Habib Hadi had been living in an apartment with his four siblings and their parents after fleeing the Taliban in Afghanistan, but their apartment only had three beds and other sparse furniture, so when he had the chance to wish for something, he asked for items to fill the apartment.

Bob's Discount Furniture donated couches, tables, rugs, lamps and all the other things you need to decorate. It also stepped up to give a crib, since the family is expecting another child in January.

A spokesman for Bob's said, "We gave rugs and lamps and we literally just said, ‘Go into the store and select what you would like.'"

Habib, meanwhile, is doing well. He's undergoing treatment and received a bone transplant from his sister last year. And while the infusion of furniture is certainly welcome, his dad says it's not the most important. "Everyone has a dream in their life.My dream was to have a good treatment for Habib."