We’ve watched the guys at Epic Meal Time make massive desserts. We’ve watched them make massive St. Patrick’s Day treats. And we’ve watched them make massive, yet amusing, fools out of themselves. Today, we watch them make the most massive bacon burger ever created by man. And we love them for it.

Because we weren’t at our computers playing ‘Diablo 3’ we decided to watch what Epic Meal Time had in store for us in this episode. What they had was a colossal sandwich with 500 (yes, two zeros after that 5) strips of bacon and likely more than 109,000 calories. We are just a little bit disappointed in ourselves to admit that it actually looks really freakin’ good. Of course, watching Muscles Glasses devour it sort of takes away from its original appeal, but still, we would have liked just one bite.

The good news for the EMT guys? We’re guessing they will be hired to cater the upcoming Susanne Eman wedding.

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