Despite having gone up against some of the most dubious super villains in movie history, James Bond has survived to see his 23rd film. And it's a certain bet 007 will make it through 'Skyfall,' which hits theaters in November, and go on to star in a 24th.

Thanks to his longevity, Bond has been played by six different actors, each offering a slightly different interpretation of the super spy. But what if these six Bonds were pitted against each other in a super race that makes the 'Cannonball Run' look like a trip to Target?

That's the premise for this ad for the Sky Movies 007 channel. In the expertly edited spot, the six Bonds square off in a massive car chase.

So which actor do you think would win in a battle of the Bonds? It probably has a lot to do with who your favorite Bond is. (Bonus points for anybody who can muster a convincing argument for George Lazenby.)