Remember Steve Burns? You might know him better as simply "Steve," the aw-shucks proprietor of a cartoon house and blue dog, from the popular Nickoledeon kids' show 'Blue's Clues.'

The role didn't make him a traditional celebrity, but it did make him "fame-ish" enough to be occasionally recognized on the street (often by kids, of course) and to have at least one swimsuit model solicit him for a play date. Burns opened up about his "microcelebrity" at the Moth, a storytelling event series.

Burns talks about that fateful date with the much taller woman who had fake breasts "drawn by Dr. Seuss" among other memories of his 'Clues'-induced fame. Check out the now-bald and decidedly un-Steve-y Burns tell his hilarious and poignant tale below:

[via Videogum]

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