Tanner, a golden retriever, was sadly born blind. To make matters worse, the pooch suffered from seizures. Tanner was blessed with a loving owner for the first year of his life, but when that owner died, his disabilities made him a tough sell at the animal shelter. In fact, Tanner's minders where pretty sure they were going to have to put him down. But then something extraordinary happened.

Blair, another dog with a difficult past, was brought to the Woodland West Animal Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She had been shot when she was a puppy, and because of that the one-year-old mixed-breed lab was nervous around people and other dogs.

But, for whatever reason, Blair immediately took to Tanner. She began leading him around the yard by the leash -- like a service dog would for a blind person.

As their friendship blossomed, Blair started to come out of her shell more, and Tanner stopped having his seizures.

For this heartwarming story to have a truly happy ending, somebody will need to come forward and adopt both dogs. We have our fingers crossed, as we reach for our box of tissues.