Perhaps this boy's wish was to survive without needing a skin graft.

In this video, from late last year, a teen named George innocently blows out the candles on his birthday cake, only for a huge ball of fire to come his way because it was a powdered sugar cake.

Everybody is all laughs afterward, including the woman who made the cake (is that his grandmother?). What is it with people who laugh in the face of near calamity?

George seems to roll with the punches well enough, but you've got to think he's more than just a wee bit irked by A) how his face nearly needed an entire team of plastic surgeons to reconstruct his face and B) how casual everyone is about the whole thing. They're lucky the curtains didn't catch fire or the wallpaper didn't start peeling off. Those aren't developments that you treat so willy nilly.

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