Bill Maher has been fairly open about his support of President Barack Obama over the last few years. And now the political satirist is putting his money where his mouth is.

During his comedy special "CrazyStupidPolitics," which was streamed online Thursday night, Maher told his audience he would be contributing one million dollars to pro-Obama super PAC 'Priorities USA Action.' Maher did so despite mocking the organization for sounding like it was "named by Borat."

After the show, a Maher spokesperson confirmed the donation commitment wasn't just part of a bit, and that Maher believes a second term for Obama is "worth a million dollars."

This would be quite a fundraising bonanza for the super PAC, which raised a mere $55,000 in the month of January. In the past, Obama had been critical of super PACs, which allow unlimited financial contributions from individuals. But recently, he has softened his stance, and is now seen as encouraging super PACs to fundraise on his behalf.

Of course, the most famous super PAC this election cycle came from Maher's fellow funnyman Stephen Colbert. But Colbert's 'Making a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow' super PAC has lost most of its luster since Colbert dropped his faux-run for President. Could President Maher be in the cards?

[via The Huffington Post]