Winter is just around the corner, so it's time to start hunkering down and avoiding the outdoors at all costs. Stay out of the November rain and watch TV instead -- that's what you own one for. Here are the best new releases on Netflix Instant for the next month. Hopefully they'll tide you over until Thanksgiving.

New Netflix Instant Movies For November 13 - 19, 2012


Will Ferrell learned to speak Spanish to play the lead in the telenovela spoof ‘Casa de mi Padre.’ Gael Garcia Bernal, Nick Offerman and Diego Luna have supporting roles.

Christian Bale stars in the historical drama ‘The Flowers of War,’ which focuses on Japan’s brutal capture of the Chinese city Nanking during World War II.

Hugo,’ Martin Scorsese’s take on Brian Selznick's novel 'The Invention of Hugo Cabret,' won five of the eleven Academy Awards it was nominated for in 2012.

Jack Black, Shirley MacLaine and Matthew McConaughey star in the Richard Linklater film ‘Bernie.' In this dark comedy, a well-liked small town mortician (Black) befriends a wealthy widow and then kills her.

The comedy special ’DL Hughely: Reset’ features the funnyman’s takes on race relations and touring in Europe.

In the action-packed thriller 'Lockout,' Guy Pearce plays a government agent falsely accused of a crime. He can clear his name if he can rescue the president's daughter, who is being held captive in outer space.

 New Netflix Instant Movies For November 6 - 12, 2012

The Evil Dead

TV dancers Julianne Hough and Kevin Wormald star in ‘Footloose,’ a remake of the 1984 hit featuring Kevin Bacon.

The 1981 horror flick ‘The Evil Dead’ was ‘Spider-Man’ director Sam Raimi's first feature film. The cult classic stars Raimi’s childhood friend and eventual Old Spice pitchman Bruce Campbell.

Eddie Izzard is Long John Silver in the 2012 British Sky Broadcasting adaptation of ‘Treasure Island.’ Donald Sutherland and Elijah Wood co-star.

In an 'Officer and a Gentleman,’ Richard Gere plays a Naval cadet who romances a local girl (Debra Winger.) Louis Gossett Jr. won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role as a drill instructor.

The music industry satire ‘Airheads’ features an all-star cast of Adam Sandler, Brandon Frasier, Steve Buscemi, Chris Farley, Judd Nelson and Michael McKean. Michael Lehman, who helmed ’Heathers,’ directs.

The Sylvester Stallone/Estelle Getty comedy ‘Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot’ is often used as a punch line for jokes about bad film-making  However, in the right mindset, it has some funny moments, and it's only 88 minutes long.

New Netflix Instant Movies For October 30 - November 5, 2012

butch cassidy
20th Century Fox

Not only was 1996‘s ‘Bottle Rocket’ director Wes Anderson's film debut, but the caper comedy also introduced audiences to Luke and Owen Wilson.

George Clooney is a bank robber and Jennifer Lopez a Federal Marshal in the Steven Soderbergh film 'Out of Sight.’

In the classic black comedy ‘Throw Momma From the Train,’ a misunderstanding turns into a murder pact. It stars Billy Crystal and Danny DeVito, but Anne Ramsey (Mama Fratelli from 'Goonies') steals the show as "Momma."

Paul Newman and Robert Redford play wise-cracking outlaws in ‘Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid.’

The 1967 version of ‘Casino Royale’ spoofs the James Bond franchise and has a star-studded cast that includes David Niven, Peter Sellers, Orson Welles and Woody Allen.

A screenwriter with a serious case of writer's block becomes involved in a murder investigation in the Coen Brothers' comedy-drama ‘Barton Fink.’