Sure, trick-or-treating is an American ritual, but, like Ken Bone costumes, some places are better than others for those looking for candy while putting their kick-butt costumes on display.

The metropolises that comprise the top 10 aren't exactly cities superheroes frequent. They're pretty small for the most part and if you could guess any of them you should get dressed up as Einstein for Halloween this year because you are truly a genius.


Yeah, we're surprised to see Nampa atop the list, as well. If you weren't, then we call liar.

The rankings were created by looking at seven factors: the number of single-family homes per square mile, population age 14 or younger, violent crime rate, property crime rate, median home value, average temperature and precipitation probability. That sounds all nice and good, but, come on. How do you not include "rate of handing out raisins and pennies" as part of the criteria? Any city where that happens needs to take a hit in these rankings.

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