If you thought we've reached the end of what cell phones could do, we've got some news for you.

At the Lenovo World Tech Expo last week, the company unveiled a prototype for a bendable cell phone that can be worn like a watch.

A phone like this has been in development since 2013 (and could hit the marketplace by next year), although Lenovo admits there are still some hurdles to overcome before it becomes a viable alternative for consumers.

Lenovo Chief Technology Officer Peter Hortensius discussed the issues. First, he said it's hard to make a phone that can bend in and out, while, according to PC:

The second problem is the memory, processor, camera, and all the other electronic components that go into a portable device. Figuring out how to position those away from the hinges while still maintaining the overall integrity of the phone has so far proven elusive.

The technology is also being used on tablets, too, which, you know, is really mind-bending.

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