This bee is busy as, well, a bee.

In this video from 2012, a bee manages to pull a nail out of a brick wall. And here you've been thinking you need the back of a hammer to accomplish such a thing.

The bee is feisty and refuses to give up. You've got to acknowledge how impressive this truly is -- it'd be like if you picked up a car and just moved it a few inches.

Maybe this bee ought to think about starting a new career and give up all those standard dreams of honey and impressing the queen bee. Instead, it can get a job in construction, helping to erect buildings. Or, at the very least, maybe it could find some work at Home Depot.

Or would that be Home Bee-pot, with a starting salary of hive dollars an hour? Okay, we're gonna stop before some bees catch wind of this and sting us as punishment.

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