As if dog videos weren't cute enough, here's a double dose of "awww" as this is also a soldier homecoming video. We last showed you how a German Shepherd reacted upon seeing his owner back home from duty, but wait till you see how this beagle freaks out.

Returning home after a six-month deployment, Amanda walks through the front door to see her beagle Daisy on the cushion. What first quietly begins with innocent squeals soon grows into emotive barks as Daisy frantically licks and stretches out her paws to "mommy." Daisy was only a puppy when Amanda left last fall. As you will see, Daisy hasn't lost any memory of her proud soldier.

Watch the heartwarming video from the Welcome Home blog in which Daisy runs around in circles before jumping at Amanda to show the service woman the affection only a dog knows how to give.

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