The Obama campaign has been catching grief lately for suggesting that wedding guests donate money to his 2012 presidential run in lieu of more traditional gifts. However, their latest campaign gambit to combine love and politics is likely to be a bit better received.

In the video below, Barack and Michelle Obama recount their first meal together. The purpose of the clip is to promote a contest in which the winner joins the Obamas for dinner on their "next date night."  Check it out.

Barack started the date with a trip to the Art Institute in Chicago, which included lunch. Then there was a walk on the city's famed Michigan Avenue before taking in a movie.

Since the Obamas saw the Spike Lee film 'Do The Right Thing' on their date, it is likely the evening took place in July of 1989. The couple became engaged in 1991 and were married the next year.

Barack and Michelle met because they worked in the same law firm. Initially, Michelle was resistant to the future president's romantic overtures, but, as she explains in the clip, he finally won her over by displaying "all facets of his character" on their first date.

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