For years society has told us that drinking coffee, drinking beer and swearing are bad, but thanks to the results of new research released in 2011, some things we thought were bad are actually good for us. Turns out being a caffeine-addled, Guinness-soaked potty mouth actually improves your health -- in moderation, of course.

Maybe we shouldn’t be drinking gallons of coffee every day, and really, those fancy cappuccinos and frappuccinos are rather high in calories and therefore not exactly good for us, but, research has now shown that the caffeine in coffee can protect women from depression.

Drinking more coffee may help you multitask by giving you a little boost, but it’s time we all slow down and do just one thing a time. Society frowns on those who can’t get 17 things done at once, but a new study this year showed that multitasking is actually making it harder for people to recall details. Doing one thing at a time could lead to better memory functions.

Perhaps if you do want to forget, you drink beer. Of course, we know beer is bad for us. It’s got loads of calories and too much can lead to spontaneous karaoke. But is it really all bad? Researchers say it isn’t. An Italian study showed that moderate beer drinkers had a 31% decreased risk of heart disease. Of course, if you overdo it, the benefits disappear. (So do your inhibitions, self control and any plates of cheese fries within reach.)

Growing up, how many times did you have your mouth washed out with soap or have to put a quarter in the swear jar? Parents always wanted us to keep it clean, but a study released this year showed that swearing helps people deal with pain. In the study, people who swore were able to hold their hands in cold water longer than those who were not permitted to let the curses fly. But watch out -- this was only effective for those who didn't swear regularly.

Those aren’t all the bad things that have turned out to be good. There are so many things you should be treating yourself to in the new year, like funny movies, fevers, red wine, fidgeting and chocolate. Read about all 11 of them here. Turns out it doesn't just feel good to be bad -- it's also good for you.

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