Like we've always said, it's never too early to start indoctrinating your children with the magic of 'Star Wars.' As soon as a kid is old enough to hold a lightsaber, they should be battling bad guys like the adorable toddler in this video who takes on Darth Maul. The evil Sith menace isn't going to quell itself, after all.

At first, this little girl in footed pajamas maintains a safe distance and giggles wildly at a plastic Darth Maul bank. But eventually she builds up nerve and engages the Sith with a blue lightsaber while John Williams' epic score 'Duel of the Fates' plays in the background.

Even Maul's double-bladed weapon is no match for this Jedi tot. She bashes at the bank several times with glee until her foe is vanquished. Then, she calmly retracts her lightsaber.

Good job, young Padawan learner! The Force is strong with you.