A seven-year-old Arabian show horse made a break for freedom on Tuesday evening by plunging directly into the waters of the Pacific and going for a swim. Unfortunately, the stallion didn't get very far and had to be rescued by the Santa Barbara Harbor Patrol. Don't worry -- you'll make it next time, brave steed.

The stallion, whose name is William (official name "Air of Temptation"), had been part of a photo shoot with horses at Loon Point near Santa Barbara when crashing waves spooked him. The frightened horse then bolted into the surf and swam for almost three miles toward oil rigs on the horizon.

Fortunately, a team of rescuers saved the horse by snagging his reins with a hook, then tying him to the side of a boat. It took almost two hours for the rescue boat to make it back to shore, but William appeared to be fine (albeit exhausted) once they did.

Mindy Peters, the horse's owner, was at a loss to explain his behavior. "Horses can swim, but not well. And he's never been swimming before in his life," she said. Maybe he's part fish?

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