Fall is almost here, which means it's the optimal time for finding the best apples.

Whether it's the Gala, the Macoun or the extraordinarily sure-of-itself Golden Delicious (and equally cocky Red Delicious), there are a wide array of apples. Bake them in a pie, squeeze them into a cider or just enjoy them as a nice autumn snack -- apples are a joy of the season.

And maybe you go apple picking in the fall because American lore dictates you should since it's as much a part of autumn as falling leaves and going back to school. But you probably never stop to think, "Hey, why does this apple have this name?" No, why would you?

Well, someone has. This video explains the genesis of the names of five different apples, including the oh-so-popular Granny Smith. So, the next time you're debating between eating a Cortland or a Rome apple, just remember there's a story there that you may be able to learn before you ever get to the core.