It's one of the first videos that pops up on YouTube when you search "how to dry out your cell phone."

Dunking a water-soaked iPhone into a bag of uncooked rice has long been trumpeted as one of the best ways to dry out your device following an accident.

Apple now says you should ditch the rice.

Why You Shouldn't Put Your Phone In Rice

There's likely been a few people who may have suggested it's a bad idea to submerge your iPhone in rice, but there has never been official word from Apple.

That has changed. Macworld, a website that focuses on Apple products, spotted a line regarding rice in the company's 2024 support document. 

"Don't put your iPhone in a bag of rice," Apple states in its latest support document. "Doing so could allow small particle of rice to damage your iPhone."

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Macworld believes people are still going to dry their phones out using rice regardless of Apple's advice.

"People who have experienced waterlogged phones swear by it, and there's tons of anecdotal evidence to show that it does indeed work," Macworld said in its article.

How To Dry Your Phone Without Rice

In addition to its anti-rice stance, Apple has released recommended steps for addressing wet iPhones and accessories:

  • Gently tap your iPhone on your hand with the charging port pointed down so water runs out of it.
  • Try charging the phone after 30 minutes.
  • If steps 1 and 2 don't work, leave the phone in a dry area with airflow up to 24 hours.
  • If the phone is still not charging even after it is dry, unplug everything from the phone and wall. Reconnect the charger and try again.

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Apple has also called out other drying methods you should avoid:

  • External heat sources
  • Compressed air
  • Cotton swabs or paper towel inserted into the charging port.

If all of that fails, you'll at least have some rice to enjoy for dinner.

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