We've all seen one: a sign advertising a restaurant with the featured meat inside hungrily getting ready to eat itself. On the surface, it's supposed to indicate, "Yummy meat here!" But the more you think about it, the weirder and more disturbing it gets. So prepare to get super disturbed, because here are 10 of the oddest "animals eating themselves" signs of all time. Note: some images may be a bit disturbing for sensitive readers and/or vegetarians.

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    Fancy Pig Feast

    "At The Pork Store Cafe, you will be treated to a five course dinner served by - and entirely made out of - one of their waiters. Enjoy." - The Michelin Guide, 2011

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    Spoilers! The secret of the movie 'Catfish' is that they think the guy is dating a hot girl on the internet, but she turns out to be an actual catfish who's getting hungry while grilling herself up. Also, her name is Wilma. That second thing is less exciting as a spoiler.

    agmilmoe, Flickr
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    A Wing And a Prayer

    Who wouldn't trust a cyclopean chicken with flaming red hair and a bow-tie? Let's go grab some of those yummy chicken wings!

    agmilmoe, Flickr
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    Pass The Butter

    Apparently, lobster is so delicious, even lobsters can't resist eating their own kind. Even creepier? That red tux the lobster waiter is wearing.

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    Pig In a Poke

    This image is almost too horrific for words, with the relatively realistic depiction of a pig, the fact that he's so happy, and of course, the blood red slices he's ripping out of his own body. Oh, and that he's clearly standing on slices from a larger pig he's already killed. File this swine under "bizarre murder/suicide pact."

    TV Tropes
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    Mad Cow

    This poster is like a perfect storm of cow-nabalism: the terrible puns, the mix of meats, and of course, the insane cowboy cow ready to chomp on a delicious steak. And where do you have to go to chow down at this American mecca to meat? Why, just head to the SM Megamall Atrium in Mandaluyong City, the shopping mall capital of the Philippines.

    Everything In Budget
  • 7

    That's One Sexy Cow

    We guess the other cows on the beach are so mesmerized by that sexy, sexy cow that they don't notice she's bringing them a delicious-looking hamburger to eat. Disturbing on several levels.

    Mother of All Trips
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    This is the rare case where Bugs Bunny would actually get a serious answer to the question, "What's up, doc?"

    Suicide Food
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    Honestly, if we had a choice, this is how we'd want to go: so hepped up on drugs, we can't wait to eat our bottom half while its sliced into perfect steaks by the world's largest knife.

    Suicide Food
  • 10

    Chicken Little

    We can't explain it, exactly, but of all the pictures on this list, this was the one that made us the most vomitous. Perhaps its the idea of a sweet, tiny little, cute baby chick about to happily snack on his little brother. Or maybe its just that eggs in soup grosses us out. Either way, no thanks.