2012's biggest Valentine's Day surprise has nothing to do with flowers or chocolates. 'Angry Birds,' the sling-shot strategy game which has been downloaded more than 500 million times since 2009 is now available on Facebook.

The game had been expected to launch on Facebook sometime Tuesday night, but instead it was up and running late Monday. Finnish game developer Rovio has said the gameplay on Facebook will be similar to the original, but with Facebook-only features such as a new power-up and social networking components. A spokesman for the company also revealed that the dastardly pigs will play a larger role in the Facebook version.

The game will use Flash player 11, which supports 3D graphics.

All in all releasing such a highly addicted game the night of Valentine's seemed a cruel affront to romance. However, by giving birdheads a good 12 hours with the game's latest version before their V-Day obligations, Rovio is now embracing what their greatest creation is all about -- wasting time when you are supposed to be working.

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