Teasers for movies are meant to drive speculation, and the first poster for the highly anticipated sequel to 'Anchorman' did just that when it appeared on EW.


The first promotional material presents more questions than answers, though it does give us the title, 'Anchorman: The Legend Continues,' and the release date - 2013. But, as Buzzfeed pointed out, why are there two sets of pant legs on the right and one set each on the left? Ron's clearly in the red, we have to think Champ's in the grey, and if anyone's going to lose a leg, it's most likely Brick. So, what's Brian Fantana's deal?

Plot details are scarce as screenwriter/director Adam McKay has dropped hints like "custody battle" and "bowling for dollars" that are more than likely humorous smokescreens. Some believe it'll take place in the '80s. There's a possibility Fantana will have a beard (of Zeus?). We do know there will be a teaser trailer before the midnight screening of 'The Dictator,' so we expect an even bigger glass case of emotion to come. Who knew a comedy could create so much suspense?

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