Alex Trebek, who hosts the quiz show 'Jeopardy!' when he's not chasing down burglars, was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after suffering what is being described as a "mild heart attack."

“Trebek is in good spirits and is currently under observation and undergoing further testing,” Sony, which produces Jeopardy!, said in a statement on Sunday. “He is expected to fully recover and be back at Jeopardy! when production begins taping in July for the new season, the show’s 29th.”

Trebek, 71, also suffered a heart attack in 2007. He was able to return to work a few weeks later.

'Jeopardy!' has been on and off TV since 1964. But Trebek is the only host the current incarnation of the game show -- which began in 1984 -- has ever known.

On Saturday, when Trebek was in the hospital, 'Jeopardy!' picked up a Daytime Emmy for best game show.

Trebek's contract to host 'Jeopardy!' was recently extended to 2014. We raise a "potent potable" to your health, Alex.