What calories are to a bacon double cheeseburger, April Fools' pranks are to the internet.

But here's one joke that we'd like to see become a reality.

Canadian airline WestJet put out this prank commercial for a new device called SmartSeats, in which passengers board the plane in the seats they'll sit in during the flight.

Boarding a plane is an arduous task that feels like it takes much more time than necessary. Who wouldn't want to get a jump on getting comfortable and stay off your feet while you wait for the numskull in front of you to dig out his boarding pass?

And while the commercial shows all the problems that can arise, we say this sounds like fun and something out of The Jetsons.

If anything can make boarding -- and flying, in general -- easier, we're all ears.

What do you think? Does this idea have potential or are there other, more pressing ways to make flying a more enjoyable experience?

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