Aimee Copeland, a Georgia student who contracted a deadly flesh-eating disease after sustaining a zip line injury, is on the mend, according to reports. The 24-year-old still remains in critical condition, however, and requires a ventilator to breathe.

During a kayaking trip in Georgia on May 1st, Copeland was riding a homemade zip line when it snapped, cutting her left leg. Bacteria then entered the wound and caused a severe infection that required doctors to amputate her leg.

Since then, Copeland had been fighting for her life and her prognosis was grim. At one point, her heart stopped beating, but doctor's were able to resuscitate her. She may also lose both hands and her remaining foot due to the terrible disease.

But now Copeland is alert and able to move her head, giving her family renewed hope for a recovery. "She looks so much better," said sister Paige. "I just told her if she keeps improving like this, she'll be out of here in no time." We're pulling for you, Aimee!

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