Even Adele knows that people belting songs out loud while riding the bus is one of the most annoying parts of public transportation. But the 'Rolling in the Deep' star's Target commercial, which premiered during the Grammy Awards show, was able to take something so irritating and make it into something Super Bowl commercial worthy.

Props to Adele for staying on top of her game even in the face of adversity (in the form of Karl Lagerfeld). On top of this clearly amazing Target commercial, she's also appeared on the cover of Vogue and as Anderson Cooper's guest on '60 Minutes.' Looks like she's just as confident in herself and in her fans as ever.

We know what you're thinking, though. You're thinking that because her commercial was so cool it's now okay for you to jam out to your favorite songs on the bus, too. But know this -- if you're having these thoughts, so is everyone else. The last thing anyone wants is to have a bus filled with screaming passengers at 6 a.m. during your trip to work.

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