Usually, commercials for local law practices are pretty lame, and often feature talking heads droning endlessly about the kind of cases they handle. But this low-budget commercial for Adam "Bulletproof" Reposa, a criminal defense attorney in Austin, TX, reaches untold levels of hilarity while scaring us silly at the same time.

Reposa himself stars in the ad and issues a warning to all prosecutors. Specifically, if you stand in his way in court, he'll run you over ... literally.

"Every time I look and I see somebody trying to stop Americans from enjoying their freedom, all I can think is, 'Why are you in my way?!'," Reposa screams. "I'm a lawyer! Don't get in my way!"

To prove his point, Reposa crashes his truck into a car at a stop sign, then smashes a window in a fit of rage. Lest you think that Reposa is certifiably crazy, bear in mind he's a self-described "lawyer, patriot and champion" who was once held in contempt for making a "simulated masturbatory gesture" in court. Puts things in perspective, doesn't it?

If we ever find ourselves on the wrong end of the law, we definitely want this guy representing us.