Last year Cassandra Bankson became a YouTube star when she made a video tutorial detailing how she hides her acne-ridden skin behind layers of foundation, concealer and powder -- the video now has over 10 million views. Bankson went on to appear on 'Good Morning America', and, to top that, Bankson was invited to walk the runway during Stacey Igel's 'Boy Meets Girl' show in New York City Wednesday night.

Bankson experienced a great deal of bullying as a result of her videos and spent a lot of time researching ways to improve her skin, and it's paid off -- her skin has improved 70 percent in the past year.

She says of her runway walk in NYC, "I'm a small town girl who sits in her living room and films videos all day and now…I'm in New York Fashion Week," Bankson said backstage. "It's still a dream. I am so thankful."

Check out the tutorial that launched Bankson into the spotlight below.