It's been hot these last few days, as befitting the summer. All Stan Nguyen wanted was an air conditioner that worked. So much so that when Sean Hickman couldn't satisfactorily repair his AC, he slapped leather.

While we can't condone pulling a gun, we can understand Nguyen's frustration. In his town of Deltona, FL, the temperature has been around 90 degrees and humid. So when Hickman tried to fix the unit and came up short, but presented Nguyen with a $109 bill for labor anyway... well... we can see why he lost his temper.

That said, pulling a gun seems a bit excessive. Fortunately for everyone involved, Nguyen had the safety on for most of the confrontation and Hickman could call 911 from behind his van. Ironically, Nguyen's son was also calling 911, but to complain Hickman had destroyed their AC and was refusing to leave the property.

Nguyen was arrested, for obvious reasons. It is unknown whether Hickman's bill was paid.