If there's one thing we know, it's that cats rule the internet. So, it was really only a matter of time before felines began establishing their leadership credentials outside of the world wide web...

Meet Tuxedo Stan, a cat who is running for mayor of Halifax, Canada. Thanks to his popular Facebook page, the three year-old kitty has clawed his way to the forefront of Nova Scotian politics

Stan, who's running on the ticket of the Tuxedo Party, is a one-issue cat.  "The Tuxedo Party is a political movement aimed to improve the welfare of felines in [Halifax] because neglect isn't working," reads the party's official platform.

At this point, Stan would be considered a longshot. Not only does he trail in the polls, but municipal laws appear to ban animals from holding office. But that's OK, since the impetus of his campaign is mainly to raise awareness of Halifax's stray cat problem.

Or so he says... On the off-chance Stan is elected, we suspect the gloves would come off. That's right, we're looking at North America's first dog free city.

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