When a 72-year old Metairie, Louisiana woman saw her son fighting in the garage with a masked burglar early Wednesday morning, she called 911. Then she joined the fray and did some serious damage to 30-year-old career criminal Troy Derosa.

When the cops arrived, both the 48-year-old victim and Derosa were bleeding profusely, and the 72-year-old had suffered minor injuries.

"The mother joined in the fight and actually got the best of the suspect," Col. John Fortunato, spokesman for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, explained. “According to the medical personnel at University Hospital, the suspect actually sustained more injuries than both the victim and his 72-year-old mother.

And here's where the story gets really scary. Derosa, who has a long rap sheet, has been charged with murder four times, only to walk each time because of lack of evidence. In fact, the circumstances of one of his alleged murders -- a house robbery -- was very similar to what had happened on Wednesday morning.

Derosa was charged with attempted first degree murder, aggravated burglary and simple battery. Thanks to one no-nonsense senior citizen this time the charges should stick. Learn more about this mama grizzly below.

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