So now that your grandfather is in the twilight of his life, how does he occupy his time? One grandpa in China models clothes for an online store that sells high end outfits to women.

72-year-old Liu Xianping dons the tasteful coats, blouses and sweaters that are sold in his granddaughter's store Yuekou, and appears in the store's advertisements.

His appearances in these unusual ads have made him an Internet sensation. One commenter noted that it's not just his age that has impressed so many people around the world. It's also his looks:

“He has such a good figure, especially those legs!”

Lv, Liu's granddaughter, noted that her grandfather didn't just help out her business by jumping into ladies' outfits. He also organized and matched the outfits for his photo shoots. In fact, his modeling started after he suggested a couple of pieces for the ads by putting on some alternating outfits himself, and they just started shooting. Pretty soon they had enough shots to start running their unforgettable advertising campaign.

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