Forget the bus. Skip the train. Don't worry about HOV lanes. This is a whole new form of mass transit.

If you don't scour every dark, cobweb-covered corner of the internet, you probably missed this 2013 video from Hammacher Schlemmer, the company that makes a seven-person tricycle, for those times you want to travel in packs, but only while looking like a kindergartner.

The video, complete with hokey music that give you the feeling you're watching the opening credits to a cheesy 1950s Western, makes it look like it's a fun way to go out for an afternoon jaunt when, in reality, you know all seven people are not on the same page and someone is bound to start screaming, "Carl, stop steering toward the curb. Susan, we're losing speed because you're not pedaling fast enough. And, Doug, please stop pedaling backwards." And the ride inevitably ends with all seven people no longer talking to each other, kind of like the passengers on a bus, which is what you should really be taking to get from A to B instead of this horrific contraption.

The product description boasts, "This is the only tricycle that accommodates seven adults and facilitates close-knit conferencing during joyrides," which sounds like you can conduct business meetings on it, which, really, is a horrible idea, just like the bike itself.

The tricycle is still on the market and will only cost you $20,000, plus another $650 to ship, which seems weird, since, you know, you can probably just get seven people to drive it to you.