Sinking a ten-foot putt is tricky. Even professional golfers can't land it 100% of the time. And they have to do it on steady ground, something this 59-year-old just can't be bothered with.

The genesis of this was a man betting his mother that she couldn't stand on an exercise ball. It took some work, but obviously, she proved him wrong. And apparently she decided that wasn't enough to put her son in his place, so she decided to, in his words, "one up herself."

So, is she going to hit the PGA Tour, because realistically, we don't think most of the fat old guys who play golf could pull this off. Although if the PGA started making them stand on exercise balls to take their shots, we might actually start watching. Also they'd finally have a blooper video that was actually funny to sell, just like all the other sports.

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