We're not playing around here.

The National Toy Hall of Fame has announced its 12 finalists for induction in the class of 2017.

This year's group is a jumbled pile of fun fare, including generic offering like sand and the paper airplane, along with some name brand classics, like the board game Clue, PEZ and Matchbox cars.

To date, only 63 toys have been inducted and another two or three are expected to make the cut this year (inductees will be announced November 9 -- mark your calendars), so you can bet the debate will be livelier than a rousing, if not interminable, game of Monopoly.

Last year, Dungeons & Dragons, Fisher-Price Little People and the swing were inducted. Who'll join that elite company this year and make a play for toy immortality? Take a look at all of this year's finalists and judge for yourself:

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