Alexi Catellier is only thirteen, but the Canadian youngster was one of the oldest kids on his school bus when it broke down during a Manitoban snowstorm. The storm had also knocked all the region's power out, making it impossible to call for help.

As the minutes turned to hours, Catellier comforted the younger students, including his five year-old brother. He also went outside and melted snow when some of the twenty-four trapped kids became thirsty. However Catellier eventually realized he'd have to take more drastic action. He set out into the storm in hopes of finding help.

"The way the wind was blowing, and with the snow, it was freezing cold," Catellier explained. "And I was just wearing running shoes, track pants, a thin sweater and a little fall jacket."

Braving the storm, the boy eventually contacted nearby railway workers, who freed the bus and put an end to the almost six hour ordeal.

Though relieved, parents are understandably furious that it came down to Catellier's heroism.

"I'm glad that he did it, and I'm glad that he had the potential to do it," said Catellier's mom. "But I'm not happy that he was in that position."