You already know that the Easter-seasonal Cadbury Creme Egg is addictive, mouth-watering, one-of-a-kind and coveted the world over. But did you also know just how versatile an ingredient the Creme Egg can be when put to use in some of the most outlandish, Willy-Wonka-on-acid dessert delicacies? For those with the willpower to delay chowing down one of these signature sugarbombs in two or three gooey, sticky, chocolate-y chomps, the Internet is rife with recipes and other oddball things you can do with a Cadbury Creme Egg. Some of them don't even require a kitchen!

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    A Spinning Top

    Just stand your Creme Egg on its head (pointy side down), wind it up and give it a whirl! Amazingly, the choco-ovum in this vid executes a tight spin atop a mousepad for nearly 20 seconds.

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    Exploding Creme Eggs in "Space"

    A couple of years ago, a bunch of eggheads (ha, ha) at the University of Nottingham put the Creme Egg through their science-lair paces. As a result, we now see that, if introduced into a pressure-free atmosphere, the yellow-and-white fondant inside a Creme Egg will expand and explode through its cocoa-buttery shell. To infinity and be-yum!

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    Cadbury Creme "Deviled" Eggs

    Make it!

    For those with 'Top Chef'-caliber kitchen skills, turning an intact Creme Egg into a halved, "deviled" egg is simple. Just slice a whole, chilled egg lengthwise along its factory-made seam with a super-sharp knife (careful!). Then, expertly wield a pastry bag full of yellow-colored buttercream to create a perfectly swirled peak atop each half. Sounds like the sort of junk-food hors d'oeuvre the newly zaftig Betty from 'Mad Men' might serve at her Easter Sunday brunch.

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    Egg-Propelled Rube Goldberg Contraption

    The only person on Earth who may be more jealous than we are of this truly confounding, confection-fueled contraption? Pee-Wee Herman, circa 1985.

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    Egg Creme Flavored coffee

    Make it!

    How come we never came up with this one? Last year, an outside-the-bean coffee blogger suggested plopping an entire Cadbury Creme Egg into a hot mug of java, serving as both the cream and sugar components of your typical light-and-sweet order. (Sad side note: Said blogger also insisted that the Caramel Creme Egg makes for an even richer cuppa joe, but everybody knows the caramel-filled eggs are sacrilege. Jesus died for your fondant, darn it!)
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    Cadbury Creme Egg Foo Young

    Make it!

    Yes, we know it looks exactly like Chinese takeout, but here's what you're actually seeing: peanut butter gravy atop Creme Egg-studded pancakes atop a bed of rice pudding. The fortune cookie to follow inevitably reads: "Your pants will pop any minute now."

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    A Creme Egg McFlurry

    Sorry, America -- it seems this one applies only in Britain and Canada, two countries where McDonald's rolls out this holiday treat on its dessert menu come spring. Maybe if Uncle Sam mandates that we all start wolfing down more Creme Eggs, Mickey D's would show us some McFlurry love. As it stands, Brits' Creme Egg consumption puts the U.S.' to shame: Those blokes eat 200 million of them annually.

    McDonald's UK
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    A Political Stink

    And this one applies if you live in New Zealand, where feathers were ruffled after Cadbury decided to discontinue manufacturing Creme Eggs locally, forcing Kiwis to eat ones imported from the UK for the first time. As this news segment about the decision shows, one can never enjoy too many egg puns.

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    Cadbury Creme Eggs Benedict

    Make it!

    Because eggs are, after all, a breakfast food, why not start your Easter Sunday right, with a heaping plate of sweet-instead-of-savory Creme Eggs Benedict? This recipe calls for a doughnut, a brownie, a Creme Egg and some frosting, swapped in respectively for an English muffin, ham, actually-from-a-chicken eggs and hollandaise sauce in your stack of sinful goodness. Oh, yeah, and bite-sized cubes of home-fried pound cake subbing in for your accompanying taters. Can we get a side of Bacon Candy with that? Also a pacemaker for the inevitable heart attack this dish will no doubt bring on?
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    Creme Brul'Egg

    Make it!

    Not dead yet from insulin shock? Then it's time for your just desserts: An entire Cadbury Creme Egg, submerged within a ramekin of homemade creme brulee.