Part of the fun of hitting the road is collecting gadgets and cool travel accessories that can help you pull off your journey with ease, as well as a bit of playfulness. The ingenious ideas that go into clever products designed to save time and space seem to hold no bound.

Most of these ideas are very practical, and tons of fun, although some tend to be a little stranger than others. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind raising a few eyebrows with your funky travel fashions, or buying stylish products with hidden compartments, then this list of crazy travel accessories is definitely for you.

  • 1

    Leather Wrist Wallet

    If you’re a fan of the biker look, and you also like to keep your valuables hidden away, then you can’t go wrong with a leather wrist wallet. This black leather bracelet also doubles, as the name would suggest, as a wallet hidden in plain sight. As long as you’re not worried about the type of fashion statement you’ll be making, this wrist wallet makes for a great travel accessory, as well as a convenient place to store your cash, I.D. and credit cards.

  • 2

    Reef Stash Sandals

    When you’re away on holiday, finding a place to keep your keys and money can be problematic, especially when all you have on is a swimsuit and a beach towel. Fortunately, the Reef Stash Sandals offer beach bums an excellent place to stuff their goods. The sandals open at the bottom, revealing a secret compartment where you can stash all of the things you’ll need to get back into your hotel room (keycards), or buy an ice cream from a vendor by the sea.

  • 3

    Wi-Fi Detecting T-Shirt

    If you’re addicted to the Internet, and always looking for Wi-Fi hotspots when you travel, you can rest easy. The Wi-Fi-detecting t-shirt will let you know where the perfect Internet hotspots are. The shirt displays the strength of Wi-Fi signals in your vicinity, no matter where you happen to be in the world. Just look down at your chest, or ask someone passing by (a great way to make new friends / get chlamydia) how strong the “signal” you’re giving off actually is.

  • 4

    The Nubrella

    The Nubrella is part helmet, part space pod, and part umbrella. This strange, yet practical contraption is perfect for people who constantly have the elements (snow, rain, wind and sleet) thrown at them. With the Nubrella, folks enjoy protection from the weather, while keeping their hands free for work and play. The company cranking out this unusual product advertises it as a “hands free umbrella.” While you might get some curious stares after you open up a Nubrella, at least you’ll be able to make rude hand gestures with both of your hands at the people who are gawking.

  • 5

    One Inch Camera

    These days when people travel, more and more of them are relying on their smart phones as cameras. But what happens when you head into a dodgy area want to take lots of photos, but you don’t want to risk your expensive phone? Well, your prayers have been answered. Introducing the 28-gram, one-inch squared digital camera. You can pick up one of these tiny, two megapixel cameras for less than $100 dollars (when they become available again), and stash it pretty much anywhere you like. *ANYWHERE.* Potential pickpockets won’t have a clue about where you've stored your camera, and when they find out, they probably won't want it.

  • 6

    The Pillowig

    You'd have to be pretty gutsy to wear one of these items around town, or on a plane or long-distance train, but if you can get over the initial humiliation, the Pillowig is actually a pretty good idea. The name says it all. It’s a travel pillow and wig all rolled up into one. It’s great to cushion your noggin when sleeping in uncomfortable spaces, and as a last result, it can cover up a bad case of bedhead. Of course, if you decide to put one of these puppies on, you won’t exactly be drawing attention away from yourself.

  • 7

    Portable Sauna

    If you’re a fan of saunas, and a fan of travel, this item was made especially for you. You'll never have to be caught without your beloved steam, thanks to the portable sauna. After infrared heaters warm up this odd-looking contraption, a sweaty steam bath is created inside.The only downside is that it does not come with an overabundance of naked fat Russian men. You'll have to find your own.

  • 8

    Citra Sippa

    This cool and inventive little item is great for a quick glass of juice, without the need for a juicer, a supermarket––or even a glass, for that matter. The Citra Sippa is a plastic straw, for lack of a better term, that you can jam into a piece of citrus fruit, and then begin sipping, like you were drinking juice from a cup. Why waste with stupid containers, when you can drink directly from a piece of fruit? If you're bored, you can also use the Citra Sippa to whistle a funny tune, and pass the time away. People on planes will LOVE if you do this.

  • 9

    Talking Luggage Scale

    With airlines increasingly charging additional fees for extra check-in baggage, you can't beat the nifty, and extremely portable, talking luggage scale for saving a buck or two. This handheld digital scale works as both a grip for your bags and a friendly device that will tell you exactly how much your luggage weighs. If you don’t like the notion of a scale talking back to you, you can easily read the weight of your items on the LCD display. It’s also a great item for checking the weight of some of the stranger knickknacks you've picked up on your travels --if you happen to be curious about that sort of thing, which why wouldn't you be?

  • 10

    Hand-Crank Phone Charger

    When you’re stuck out in Mother Nature, away from an electrical socket, but you just have to use your phone to make a call or Google how to build a fire, what can you do? Why, reach for your hand-crank phone charger, of course. Just thinking about plugging in our phone is making us angry.

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