Times might be tough, but apparently there is still a market for gold-plated carpet vacuums for customers who aren't Mitt Romney. The good news is that it's also available at a lower price.

GoVacuum.com actually sells a full working upright vacuum that is covered in pure 24-karat gold. The original asking price is $1 million, but GoVacuum has been generous enough to sell it with a special discount. It's now priced at $999,999. They'll even cover the shipping charges.

It's not only been completely "blinged" out, but it also has a classic vacuum style. Dust and refuse are collected in a classic HEPA bag and gathered by rotating brushes on an old wooden roller. GoVacuum claims that it can still clean up a carpet just as well as any modern vacuum and look better doing it.

Go Vacuum has only made 100 of these shimmering beauties, so each one comes with a serial number and a certificate of authenticity. It can even be customized and engraved to the exact specifications of its owner.

If that hasn't convinced you, this rap song celebrating the vacuum's awesomeness should seal the deal.