Netflix's "Qwikster" debacle has shown that trying to tinker with the Internet's most beloved video services is practically career suicide. YouTube doesn't seem to have learned that lesson.

The Internet video giant announced a new method for viewing and rating their endless stream of videos with "The YouTube Collection."

The entire collection of homemade videos will be burned to DVDs. So now, even those without a working Internet connection can view their favorite videos from the latest Rhett and Link 'Good Mythical Morning' to a how to video on making the perfect Caesar salad dressing.

You can even send comments through the mail to your favorite (or least favorite) videos. Simply cut out a thumbs-up or thumbs-down with your written comment and mail it off to the video of your choice. Just think of the business this will bring to our struggling postal service. The video below will explains how it works.

And in case you're freaking out worse than when you heard that Netflix was going to completely screw up your instant queue, it's all an April Fools' joke and a pretty good one at that.