Will Smith

Will Smith Gives Kissy Reporter a Love Tap
Most of the time, when a celebrity smacks a reporter, it's because the celeb is being a huge ego case. In Will Smith's case, though, we've got to agree with him. Especially considering the circumstances.
10 Celebrity Hobbies That Might Surprise You
Sometimes we think our favorite celebrities only exist on this planet for our own amusement. In fact, many of them do have lives away from the limelight. When they’re not acting, singing, dancing or just being fabulously rich and famous, some of your favorite stars take part in some …
Fake Will Smith Tweet Causing Controversy
A recent Tweet comparing the tragic Trayvon Martin shooting with the Kim Kardashian flour incident went viral because it was seemingly sent by actor Will Smith. Except it wasn’t. The Tweet was from Twitter user @RealWillSmith, who is not, in fact, the real Will Smith.
Awesome Dancing Toddler Gets ‘Jiggy With It’
Babies are pretty funny to begin with, but once they begin to walk, they reach all new levels of hilarity. The cute toddler in this video probably hasn't been upright for very long, but he already has enough skill to pull off some impressive dance moves while Will Smith's 'Gettin&apos…