Where Are They Now?

See Lori Beth Denberg From ‘All That’ Then and Now
Then: Lori Beth Denberg had been performing in community theater and school plays since the age of six, but it wasn't until she was 18 that she landed her first professional gig, on Nickelodeon's 'All That.' She was a cast member on the show for four years, most memorably as the …
See Your Favorite MTV VJs Then and Now
Since 1981, MTV has been a taste-maker, influencing teens and tweens in the ways of music, fashion, movies and social awareness. And if you're old enough to remember when MTV actually centered its programming on showing music videos, then you're old enough to feel nostalgia over the wide a…
See the Cast of ‘The Big Green’ Then and Now
Like a slew of similar youth sports movies in the ‘90s, the soccer flick ‘The Big Green’ featured a team of misfits who overcame the odds to become champions.
In this case the odds were really stacked against the tykes, as they didn't even know the rules of soccer at …
See the Cast of ‘Willow’ Then and Now
Following the success of his 'Star Wars' trilogy, George Lucas chose to collaborate with Ron Howard on a family-friendly fantasy film about a little but brave man forced by fate into a grand adventure. The result was 1988's 'Willow.' Ultimately the film earned mixed reviews …
See the Cast of ‘Camp Nowhere’ Then and Now
In the 1994 comedy 'Camp Nowhere,' a bunch of clever youngsters conspire to invent a camp with no counselors and no rules, and then convince their parents to send them there, instead of to the boring traditional camps they had been forced to attend in years past.
See the Faces Behind Disney’s Greatest Villains
As children we were all terrified by Disney's villains. Their evil cackles rattled our still-developing brains, and haunted our nightmares along with their songs, which gleefully reveled in their bad intentions and malevolent plots. Yet looking back, these vicious villains are a beloved part of…
See the Cast of ‘Little Giants’ Then and Now
In the 1994 comedy 'Little Giants,' Rick Moranis and Ed O'Neill play the O'Shea brothers and rival youth league football coaches. O'Neill's Cowboys are big and obnoxious, just like their coach. Whereas Moranis' Giants are less physically imposing and plucky.
See the Cast of ‘Sixteen Candles’ Then And Now
The 1984 coming of age comedy ‘Sixteen Candles’ was the first movie directed by John Hughes, who had already made a name for himself writing screenplays for movies such as ‘Mr. Mom’ and ‘Vacation’
Among its young stars were Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall, both of whom became regular John Hug…

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