Bridal Party Photo Session Ends In Hilarious Disaster [VIDEO]
A bridal party is asked to pose together on a bed by the wedding photographer and promptly breaks the furniture with their combined weight. While the bride takes it all with good humor, that can't be a good omen for the nuptials. Watch a hilariously awkward bridesmaids photo op below.
Bride Plays Drum Solo With Band At Her Own Wedding [VIDEO]
Suzanne (no  relation to Alanis) Morissette sits in with the band during her on own wedding and performs a drum solo.  She also happen to be a professional  musician -- in other words don't try this at your own wedding. Watch a bride with some serious skills on the skins below.
Car-Themed Wedding Cake Makes Eating It Difficult [VIDEO]
Many couples choose to have unique, offbeat weddings, and one couple in particular decided on something complete different for their wedding cake. Sitting on top of what can only be assumed as an automotive-themed wedding, sits a semi-truck next to the bride and groom figurines.
The working ligh…
Surprise! Bride Stages Secret Wedding For Boyfriend
New Zealander David Shoemark had asked his long-time girlfriend Cherie Butler to marry him on several occasions, only to be put off with the promise of "some day."
So when he arrived at what he had been told was a family picnic, he was pleasantly surprised to find it was a…
Texting Bride Busted During Her Own Wedding [VIDEO]
We all know that using a cell phone during a wedding ceremony is a huge no-no.
Unfortunately no one told that to this bride who was caught on camera texting during her own nuptials. Unless she's telling the groom to get his behind to the chapel, that's a huge faux pas.

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